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Sci Nautico Trento is one of fewest ski schools in Italy that are located on a natural lake. Lake Caldonazzo is a beautiful natural water way located only 10 minutes from the city of Trento, in the northern eastern part of Italy.  Surrounded by the Italian Alps this lake is one of the cleanest in italy with water so clean you can see over 30 feet down and it has been the home of the Sci Nautico Trento Ski school from over 40 years. We are equipped with 2 slalom courses one after each other large relaxing area surrounded by pine trees tv room, a restaurant/bar fully equipped, 3 largo docks for sun tanning and relaxing, music, and a great family atmosphere.Boats 2015 Malibu Response TXI equipped with the latest Zero Off Gps system, and a CC Nautique 196.


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