Born and raised in Northern Italy, Thomas is one of the most accomplished water skiers in the world. Before most children learn to ride a bike, Thomas had strapped on skis and was on the water. His parents run the family ski school in Northern Italy and by the age of 7, Thomas was competing for the Mickey Mouse trophy. He lost, but the next year, he was determined and he won. And that was the start. He won a national title at the age of 10 and the Junior EuropeanChampionship at 14. The rest is history. He now holds eight Pro Tour Championships, five European Championships, two World Championship titles and is ranked #1 in the world.He might be the World Champion but in central Florida, Thomas Degasperi is known as Coach TGas. Degasperi is a tough name to pronounce for a little kid so he has been appropriately nicknamed TGas by his students. Since he was little, his father taught him the joy of waterskiing- a life filled with hard- work, dedication and commitment but also one of laughter with family and friends while enjoying time on the water.

And today, TGas Ski School in Orlando, Florida isn’t all that different from the ski school that his father runs in Northern Italy, the same ski school that inspired his love for water skiing and not far from the beach that inspired his passion for coaching children.

Major Achievements

2 Time World Slalom Champion
2017 Moomba Masters Champion
2016 Canadian Pro Am Champion
2016 Malibu Open Champion
2016 European Slalom Champion
2 place at the San Gervasio Pro Am
Current World Games Champion
6 European Championships Title
Over 53 Pro tour podiums
Over 20 Pro Tour Victories
6 Time National Champion
Athlete of Year
Ambassador of the year
Ranked N 1 in the World

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Thank you to my sponsors
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